🌹Care for your flowers🌹

❤️Did you receive a beautiful valentines bouquet created by one of Myke Caulton Floral Couture’s cupids?

❤️Have you removed the cellophane? On a hand tied bouquet this is purely for transport/gifting purposes – the cellophane should be removed and the stems re- cut on an angle and the flowers placed into a vase of fresh water (don’t forget the flower food (half a sachets all good save the rest for water a change (genuinely the worst job as a florist😂)

❤️ Have you done step one already? 👍 if you have then changing the water every 2-3 days is a good idea to give your flowers a longer vase life (snip them again to!)
❤️ A few days down the line make sure you remove any fading blooms! Keeps bad bacteria at bay!

❤️Also make sure that the flowers aren’t in direct sunlight, not above a radiator or in a drought! They are fussy little things aren’t they?

Follow all these steps and you’ll have beautiful blooms for longer! You’re welcome 😉

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